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Project Description
The SharePoint 2010 Extended Details feature solves the problem of complex site and list setup details that do not have a home.  Often sites will have a specific information architecture/structure, lists may have multiple workflows attached, lookup columns from other lists, etc.  While you can certainly spend time tracking all this information down, it would be easier to capture it in a central location for all to reference later.  The SharePoint 2010 Extended Details feature does just that.

What this feature includes:

  • A centralized hidden list to hold the details for the site/list.
  • Customized forms that pre-populate data and mark fields as read-only.
  • Feature is scoped at the site collection and can be activated/deactivated on demnad.
  • Links are added to the Site Settings page and List Settings page automatically.
  • A custom Ribbon button is added for users who cannot get to Site/List settings pages.

Please see the documenation page or my blog for a full walkthrough of the solution.




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